This workshop is organized as part of the 35th Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society (CogSci 2013).

Invited speakers are:

Herb Clark (Stanford)

Noah Goodman (Stanford)

PRE-CogSci 2013 is a follow-up to two successful earlier workshops on the production of referring expressions. The first, PRE-CogSci 2009, focussed on the interplay between computational and empirical methods, organised as part of the 31st CogSci conference in Amsterdam. The second, PRE-CogSci 2011 in Boston, broadened this theme to include work on dialogue and linguistic theory. Both events were highly successful, with each containing over 20 presentations and an audience of over 60 participants. Following the first workshop, the Topics in Cognitive Science journal published an issue containing 8 peer-reviewed articles selected from 28 full paper submissions. Following the second workshop, we are finalising a Special Issue of the journal Language and Cognitive Processes; accepted papers are expected to appear 2013-14. The journal Computational Linguistics recently published a survey of research on the computational generation of referring expressions.

All of this suggests that there is abundant scope for cross-disciplinary research on reference, and the PRE-CogSci 2013 workshop aims to further contribute to this. This workshop is similar to the first two in its general topic and overall structure (mixing externally reviewed oral and poster presentations with invited presentations). This time, we explore new directions for computational and cognitive work (e.g., collaborative reference, nondeterminism in production, interaction between comprehension and production, combinations with research on vision). For more details see here »

We received financial support from (1) The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO), via the VICI project Bridging the gap between computational linguistics and psycholinguistics: The case of referring expressions (Krahmer; 2008-2013), and (2) the EPSRC project RefNet: An Interdisciplinary Network Focussing on Reference (Bard and van Deemter, 2012-2015), both of which are gratefully acknowledged.

We look forward to seeing you in Berlin!